War And Peace I

Passage 1 – By Xiang Xinyang

My Memories about World War II

Yesterday was 6 June 1944 and it was the most unforgettable day I had experienced.

I was a soldier of Able Company. Yesterday morning, we crossed the English Channel by boat. When we were 5 kilometers from the beach, we saw artillery shells flying at us, we felt very frightened. But luckily, the distance was so far that the artillery shells couldn’t reach our boats. However, all of a sudden, boat 5 was hit one kilometer from the beach, another boat tried to save them but unluckily, six of our soldiers drowned before help arrived, the others were successfully picked up by the boat.

When we were approaching the beach, the Germans fired more artillery shells at us. Another boat was hit too and the soldiers on the other two boats tried to get off the boat but the water so deep that they all drowned.

After seeing the death of my friends, I felt frightened. But I could do nothing but go forward. Eventually, we arrived on the beach, exhausted and shocked.

After an hour and forty-five minutes, I managed to reach the beach and lay there, seeing dead bodies of our soldiers all around us, blood was everywhere and everything was in a mess. I couldn’t calm myself down and I was sure that the day would be remembered by me forever.

Passage 2 – By Luo Hongpei

My name is Bruce Ingram, a sniper from England. I will never forget the things that happened to me on 6th June 1944. On that day, my lieutenant told me my mission was to cover other soldiers after they landed on the beach.

Before we set out, I was nervous and excited. Although all of us knew that the operation was extremely dangerous, we had to fight in it order to defend our family and country.

When we were about 5 kilometers from the Omaha Beach, the Germans started firing artillery shells at us, and we had a great loss.

Fortunately, we approached the coastline safely. But the battle quickly became fierce and bloody because the Germans had strong defenses. Quickly, I found a small hill which is suitable for a sniper to take action. And I used 98kar to kill a Germany soldier while he was reloading his gun. After that, I killed 11 Germans in the battle in total.

Although they were better-protected than us, we had more troops. Eventually, we soldiers made a breakthrough and the D-Day landings were successful.

The war is cruel. More than 400,000 Allied and German soldiers were wounded, killed or missing. So, we should abandon the thought of war and call for peace.

Passage 3 – By Deng Yuxin

It was in 1940 that sadness and death surrounded me, and that’s the most unforgettable and difficult time through my life.

Britain declared war on Germany after Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Germany prevented Britain in 1940 when I was 12 years old. I remembered the first air raid. I was about to go to bed when exploding sound rushed into my ears. I felt the house shook violently and I ran to the window and looked through it – the sky was bright in the distance, the house was destroyed and there were a large number of planes in the air. Suddenly, I realized what had happened. I went to look for my parents and found people had all gone out into the street, shocked and confused. Someone called out “Go to the underground stations!”. So I rushed into one of them with my parents. On the way to the underground station, we could still hear the sounds of bombing, people’s cry was everywhere, and dead bodies lay on the land. Hundreds of people died in the bombing campaign.

When I arrived at a station, there had been a lot of people. I will never forget the sad expressions on their faces. In the following 57 days, London was bombed every day. Many people were losing their confidence but our Prime Minister, Churchill, encouraged us to keep defending our country and Britain must win the battle. Thankfully, our few pilots never gave up resisting the much larger Germany Air Force, and Germany lost many airplanes. So, Germany was forced to stop attacking London. London was no longer threatened.

Passage 4 – By Liu Yuling

An Old Soldier’s Memory

80 years ago,I was just seventeen years old and I was also a British soldier. On 15th September 1940, I was chosen to fly fighter planes with hundreds of other young men. I was very frightened because I didn’t want to die but I had the obligation to fight for our country.

After shooting down two or three Germany planes I was also been shot and my plane caught fire quickly. I was just injured seriously but still alive. I was sent to the hospital…

Several days later, I came to myself in the hospital. Our commander came to see us and he said:” Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you had not made that sacrifice, Germany would have invaded Britain.” I was very happy and thought my mother would be proud of me. At that night, if I remember rightly, our new Prime Minister said over the radio: “Never In the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

After months I was cured completely and came back to another company. About four years later, our company had received our confidential orders to join the D-Day landing troops. We took boats to the beaches of Normandy. The Germans were astonished but they quickly realized that we were going to land there. They started firing artillery shells at us. Many of our friends were killed before they even got off the boat. I heard many bombs dropped around me and saw my friends fall into the sea.

Eventually, we made a breakthrough and the D-Day landings were successful, but our friends couldn’t come back. Bertrand Russell said that war does not tell us who is right-only who is left and he is right.

Passage 5 – By Chen Xinran

Today was a special day for me. I went to the Battle of German memorial ceremony. There I met my commander Jason Boyer. And we recalled the Lightning War.

At 4 P.M. on 7 September 1940, there were hundreds of young boys like me, flying warplanes, from German. We began to drop bombs on London. We saw the buildings caught fire. Everything was in a mess. And people were shouting and crying. At that moment, my heart was full of guilt and fear. After a while of hesitation. I told the commander that I wouldn’t drop bombs again. After hearing this, the commander was very shocked and angry, I didn’t know what kind of punishment would be given to me. I just knew that it was wrong to kill people. So I jumped out of the plane without a second thought. Fortunately, I dropped into a lake and survived.

Jason Boyer shook hands with me. He told me he really admired me. And we talked about that terrible day and showed each other photos of our families.

Passage 6 – By Peng Ying

My Nightmares

It was 4 p.m. 7 September 1940, when my family was sitting together to enjoy our afternoon tea, our house shook all of a sudden with a loud noise of bombing. We were so frightened that we ran away at once and hid under the table. With the planes flying around, the bombs were exploding everywhere.

One night, as my mom was praying to be safe, I slid to the window, afraid that excited. Fires shone brightly and the sky was nearly pink! How terrible!

The attack continued. But on the fifth day of the bombing campaign, everything seemed to be different. My grandpa and my brother were killed when a bomb was dropped on my house. Although others managed to survive, all of us were lost in deep thought and we kept silence for a long time. “Mom, I want to join the army. If I had the ability to protect you, my brother and my grandpa wouldn’t have been killed. So please~” My mom nodded her head with a broken heart. Then 3 days later, I was sent to learn to fly.

On 15th September 1940, it was my first time to take part in the war to defend our my country. There were so many planes in the sky that it was hard to tell which countries they were from. “I want to win, I want to win, I want my mom to be proud of me!” I thought to myself and fired shells at other planes. As I saw a number of planes fall down and catch fire, I didn’t know how I felt at that moment, but just repeated the word “I hate the war, I hate the war…”

Now I’m 79 years old, but when I look back at those days, I still feel frightened.

Passage 7 – By Gao Qin

When I stand before the memorial which overlooks Omaha beach, I know the cemetery contains my comrades’ graves. I can see their names on the memorial. How time flies! It has been 60 years after the D-Day landings. But I’ve never forgotten that.

I was only 14 years old when the Second World War broke out in 1939. Months later, Churchill was invited to become Prime Minister of Britain and he made a great speech, “ I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.” When I listened, I felt excited and hoped to become a soldier. A month later, our army had retreated but we were all determined that this was only a temporary defeat and we would never surrender

On 7th, September1940, it was the beginning of the Blitz. 348 German warplanes began to drop bombs on London. I felt the house shaking, and I looked from the window. I was frightened but also excited. I dreamed to be a pilot and shot all the enemy’s planes down. If they had not made that sacrifice, Germany would have invaded Britain in 1940.

As time passed by I grew up and become a soldier just like what I dreamt of. One day, we received our confidential orders to join the D-Day landing. When I jumped into the water., it was very deep and many of my friends drowned. When I reached the beach, I was extremely exhausted and shocked. At that time, I realized the cruelty of the war.

Two days after D-Day landings, we found ourselves outside a peaceful village. After the mess and confusion of war on the beach, we hesitated because we were afraid that there might still be the enemy. After making sure we were safe, we entered the village and unloaded our baggage. With the villagers, we all drank to liberation and to the French constitution. For a brief moment, I felt that all the fear and danger had been worthwhile. I also remembered my friends who had died earlier that day and realized “There has never been a good war or a bad peace”.

Passage 8 – By Luo Sirun

Memories of World War Two

It was on a peaceful night in 1940 that German warplanes began to drop bombs on London. I was only ten years old at that time.

I remember that I was eating dinner with my family when the first bomb fell down. I was totally frightened because the house shook violently as the bombs exploded. I also remembered that the sky was full of fighter planes and that I could even hear the noise of those planes clearly. That was really terrible. Looking through my bedroom windows, I could see many houses were on fire and lots of firefighters were trying to put them out. There were so many houses catching fire that the clouds in the sky turned pink. Tears scalded my eyes, I thought it was the end of my world at one point.

After a bomb fell on our street, we went to an air-raid shelter to prevent ourselves from the bombs. I’ll never forget this terrible experience.

Just as Benjamin said,” there has never been a good war or a bad peace.” Yes, “if everyone demanded peace instead of another TV set, we would have peace.”

Passage 9 – By Zhao Pengyang

The Memories of Anti-War in Berlin

To our astonishment, the Germans were still fighting against us for many days. If they had surrendered when we invaded Berlin, lots of men wouldn’t have been killed. Then, I was asked to join the company 7 which fought in the most dangerous place. I was excited but also felt I frightened n the war because I knew we won’t get success soon. Although many of my friends were killed and I felt sad, I became braver than I used to be. The fire, the guns, the enemies, all of them couldn’t stop me fighting. I was fighting so bravely when I was shot by a shell. When I awoke in the hospital, I was told that the German leader Adolf Hitler had killed himself.

That meant we had got success. I cried in the hospital, and the message brought back lots of memories of my friends.

Passage 10 – By You Xiaohanqi

The Noise of Planes

My name is Alice, and I have an elder brother called Alex. Even today I can still remember the noise of planes during the Second World War. Although it used to make me frightened and nervous, now I think it is a warm memory for me to recall my brother.

When the war began, we lived in London which was the most dangerous place because at that time, almost every day, I could hear the noise of planes, bombing. Every time I felt frightened, Alex came and hugged me, telling me he would protect me. Some days later, Alex joined the army and became a pilot of fighter planes—he wanted to defeat the enemies so that I could never hear the noise. He was so hard-working that he could join the battle of Britain at such a young age. He tried his best to fight against German soldiers. If Alex had not run out of energy, he would still be alive.

I used to watch planes in the sky at that time. I wanted to see him and his planes. But I just saw those planes shot each other. How dangerous it was! I was terrified. If I was braver, Alex might not be in danger. So I hated myself very much. One day, I received a letter which was written by Alex, it said, “ Dear Alice, I’m voluntary to be a pilot because I think I’m a man, I have the duty to protect our country and you. If I died, you should not condemn yourself and you’d better take good care of our parents. Don’t disappoint me.”

After that day, I changed completely. I tried to help my father to find underground stations, listened to Churchill’s speeches and encouraged people to fight, and did many things which I didn’t dare to do before. I just didn’t want to disappoint him. When Britain succeeded, I cried loudly, but then I couldn’t help smiling. Alex, your sacrifice was worthwhile, our country, our parents and I, were all safe now.

This is my memorable memory. Although the war was cruel, something good would happen.

Passage 11 – By Bao Anqi

As an old saying goes: “There has never been a good war or bad peace” As an Englishman who had experienced the Blitz in London, I surely know how important the peace is!

I was only 12 years old then. It was such a wonderful afternoon that the blue sky was covered with red rays of evening sunlight. But soon the nightmare came That afternoon, I was hanging out with my friends when the bombing began.

At first, I heard the noise of fighter planes and then the planes started to drop bombs. The street was brightly lit by the fire of the burning houses and explosion. It was so frightening and everything was in a great mess. My family went to the underground stations where it was safer. We spent our nights there. What I remembered most clearly were the speeches which were given by our Prime Minister Churchill. In other words, it was his encouraging words that helped all the citizens to go through a hard time.

Today, in the afternoon, the sky can also be covered with red rays from the sun which shines upon the floating clouds. But I do not wish another war break out again in the world.

Passage 12 – By Li Yihong

I will never forget the day when German war. planes began to drop bombs on London.

I was ten years old at that time. The first bombs fell a long way from my house. But I remember that the house shook. There was chaos when the first bomb fell but after a few nights, we got used to it. I also saw fires in the distance. London was on fire all around me. There were so many fires that clouds in the sky turned pink. It was very unforgettable.

Our family moved into the underground station every night to sleep. It was safe and our neighbors sleep down there and everyone helped each other too. In fact, in a strange way, it was exciting and quite fun.