My New Teachers

Passage 1 – By Xiang Hailan

My new math teacher is a kind man called Mr.Gao. He is an outgoing educator who is responsible for his job. Not only is he patient with students, but he also returns our schoolwork quickly every day. In math classes, he explains exactly how to deal with different kinds of math problems. Besides, he avoids making you feel stupid. So if you answer the questions in a wrong way, he just smiles. I think I can do well in the exams with Mr.Gao teaching me.

Passage 2 – By Luo Xiaoyan

My new physics teacher is a man called Mr.Money. He is my favorite teacher because he is very enthusiastic, responsible and amusing. He has got so much energy and this is one class you do not fall asleep in. He is about 35, I think. He tells us something interesting when he gets excited. As a result, some students admit liking him. In a word, he is such a good teacher that I respect him.

Passage 3 – By Zuo Miaoling

They say that first impressions are very important. My first impression of Mr.Gao was that he was kind and experienced. So he is. His method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers in my junior high school. The math problems are becoming more and more difficult, but he can explain them very clearly. I think he’s a good teacher because he makes everyone in the class understand. He also returns our homework very quickly so that we can correct our mistakes in time. Besides, the discipline in his class is good (better than that in Chinese class). He is not too strict. I don’t like doing math problems, but I think I will make progress with Mr.Gao teaching me. I’m looking forward to getting good marks in the future!

Passage 4 – By Chen Yunxin

My new physics teacher is a man called Mr.Money. He’s been only teaching us physics for three weeks and he’s already very popular. I think this is because he is energetic and amusing. He seems to be knowledgeable about almost everything. We really appreciate him because his teaching is so well organized and clear. His lessons are always interesting and lively so that he keeps us interested and we won’t fall asleep! He uses different types of material to explain exactly what is happening and as a result, my work is improving. He is also willing to help his students outside of class. Physics will never be my favorite lesson, but I think that I’ll do well in the exam with Mr.Money teaching me.

Passage 5 – By Ren Xiaoli

They say that first impressions are important, but I think it is wrong and you can see why. My first impression of our new physics teacher, Mr.Qian, was that he was a serious and strict teacher. But in fact, he isn’t at all. In other words, he is very amusing and enthusiastic. He said he is not only handsome but also a teacher who teaches physics very well. He is so humorous and outgoing a teacher that he becomes popular among the students and we all like talking with him.

Mr.Qian is patient with us because he can teach us one thing, again and again, to make sure that everyone understands what he has said before or answer you immediately and explain clearly when you have problems with your study. If you get bad grades, he will encourage you in a humorous way to avoid making you feel embarrassed.
I like my new physics teacher very much and I’m looking forward to making progress with his teaching.

Passage 6 – By Zhou Qinghong

It has been 21 days since I became a senior high school student. Gradually, I am used to studying in senior high and I also get used to the new teachers.

My new English teacher is a kind woman called Ms.Luo. I think she is one of the most special teachers that I have ever met. I still remember that she introduced herself in an unforgettable way. She talked about her two hobbies- one is reading, the other is traveling. I do like these two things, but I don’t regard them as my real hobbies. As a result, I admitted liking her at that time. She is such a brilliant teacher that I look forward to having her class every day. At the same time, I’m very surprised at her fluency in spoken English. Evert class I listen to her very carefully. In my opinion, it’s enjoyable to listen to her class. Of course, I’m making my efforts to practice speaking, as I hope that I can speak English as beautifully as my English teacher one day. And I’m sure I’ll make progress with Ms.Luo’s help.