My First Time to Do Something

Passage 1 – By Cao Yuhan

I can remember my first visit to the zoo. When I was 8 years old, I went to the zoo with my grandmother. The weather was sunny and very hot, but it was cool in the zoo because there were a lot of trees and bamboos on either side of the road. At first, I saw a lazy lion sleeping under the tree, I tried to wake up him but it didn’t work. Then I saw two cute pandas playing happily. I also saw a white tiger. She was so beautiful that I took a lot of photos with her.

In the afternoon, we finished the trip. When I got on the bus and sat on my seat, a bear came and hit the window. He looked friendly,so I gave him a candy. He ate it and then ran away. What an interesting trip!

Passage 2 – By Liu Lian

My First Long-Distance Journey

When I was two, I had my first long-distance journey. It was the Spring Festival and we were about to go back to my father’s hometown, Anhui Province. My parents decided to take the train and when we were at the railway station, they felt a little nervous because there were crowds of people looking differently and some even looked like bad guys. When the train arrived at the station, people suddenly started to rush and some of them even climbed in through the window. My father soon had an idea, he helped my mom climb inside the train and passed me to her. Then he rushed to the door of the train and all of a sudden, he shouted loudly “Hei!” and at that time everyone was shocked and stopped to find out what happened, then my father got on the train easily. How funny!

Passage 3 – By Bao Anqi

When I was six years old, I traveled to Hangzhou for the first time with my parents. We went there by train as it was much cheaper. And besides the price, the most enjoyable thing to travel on a train was that we could appreciate the gorgeous scenery along the way. We had great fun in Hangzhou. The friendly people and delicious food made a deep impression on me. Two weeks later, we came back home by plane. Although it was faster, I felt bored on the plane. On the whole, this trip was unforgettable. How I wish to go there again!

Passage 4 – By Chen Yunxin

I will never forget the first time I traveled a long distance by train when I was thirteen years old. I went with my parents from Sichuan to Yunnan. We spent two days and nights in total on the train. I think it’s interesting to meet new people and make new friends on the train, but my mother didn’t allow me to talk to strangers. She thought I was too young to look after myself. But my dad encouraged me to talk more with others. With my dad’s encouragement, I seized the opportunity and made some new friends who were at the same age. We saw beautiful scenery along the way. When we got off, we were tired but very excited. The next day was a beautiful day. I visited many towns on foot with my friends and we took many photos there. It took us a week to stay there. I found the local people were very enthusiastic because when we got lost, they helped us a lot.

When we came back, we took a plane. The plane is faster and more comfortable. But I still can’t forget my first ride on a train.

Passage 5 – By Wang Xin

My First Time to Ride a Bicycle

When I was 8 years old, my brother got a bicycle that my uncle sent him for his 10th birthday. I liked the bicycle very much. I thought it was convenient and riding it was faster than walking on foot. If I wanted to travel a short distance like going to visit my father’s home, I could ride a bicycle. So I asked my brother to teach me to ride a bicycle

It was a fine day when I got on the bicycle for the first time. I felt amazed. “ How amazing the bicycle is!” I said. Then I started to ride. When I rode the bicycle, my brother was running behind to hold it to make sure I was safe. After a period of time, when he thought I had already learned how to ride a bicycle well, he stopped running and let me ride alone. But I didn’t learn to do that at that time. I fell down with the bicycle.

I was so painful that I said I would never learn to ride it again. But my brother told me “ Never give up! You should try!” Because of his encouragement, I tried it over and over again. At last, I learned to ride a bike.

I was so happy. I will never forget this experience!

Passage 6 – By TONY

Do you have an experience of riding a bike? With the growing number of cars in the city, the transportation has become more and busier. As a result, people would prefer to ride a bike instead of driving a car to avoid the traffic jams. And by riding a bike, we can also make a contribution to the environment.

So you can see there are so many advantages of riding a bike. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, I advise you to learn it immediately! As for me, my first experience of riding a bike is very unforgettable.

At the age of 5, I determined to learn to ride. My father was willing to spare me one hour every afternoon to teach me to ride.

When I first got on the bike, I was not able to keep balance. I felt very nervous and fell to the ground. However, my father didn’t come to help me but stood there and asked me to stand up by myself.

I was so angry that I shouted at him. To my surprise, he didn’t get mad but walked to me with a smile on his face. “ Tony, your life is just like learning to ride. On the way to success, you will meet so many challenges and nobody will stop to help you. The only thing you can do is to solve the problems in front of you by yourself. Only then will you have the chance to reach success!” He said slowly but energetically. Although I could not understand his words completely at that time, I still sensed a kind of power through them.

After that, I practiced riding day after day and never gave up although the number of falling down is more than I can remember! Finally, I could ride a bike as fast as my father did!

This experience is a pretty good lesson for me. Just like what my father said, life is full of challenges and we should keep trying and never give up!