My First Day At Senior High

Passage 1 – By Luo Sirun

Hello! I’m a sixteen-year-old girl called Luo Sirun. I live in Lushan, a small town not far from Ya’an. I’m in tenth grade in senior high school, too. My favorite subjects are biology and English. Although I’m not good at speaking English, I’ll try my best to improve my spoken English. And here I’d like to answer your questions.

My first memory of school was the fascinating scenery. There were many trees and flowers in the school and they made the air fresh. I was amazed at its beauty. My favorite activity was playing ping-pong. We always played ping-pong in the afternoon. We all had fun. I was deeply impressed by my first English teacher who was fluent in English. She had a positive attitude towards teaching English. I was looking forward to speaking English as well as her. My first best friend was Guo. She was very enthusiastic. Although we were not in the same class, our friendship was there.Passage 2 – By Zuo Miaoling

Passage 2 – By Zuo Miaoling

Hello. My name is Zuo Miaoling. I am 15 years old and I live in Pujiang. I’m in tenth grade in Senior High school. My favorite subject is English. I’m also studying other subjects at school.

I’m glad to answer your questions, Martha. Now, let me tell you something about my first year at school.

My first memory of school was the rooms. There were so many rooms in the building and almost every room was full of people. I went to my classroom with excitement. It was unbelievable that there were so many desks and chairs in such a small room! My favorite activity in first grade was drawing pictures. I still like drawing pictures now. And my first best friend was a girl called Wang Muchen. She is still my friend but not the best. In fact, I didn’t like my first teacher at all. In other words, I even hated her. I didn’t like her attitude because she often beat students. I thought she shouldn’t be a teacher.

Passage 3 – By Pan Zaixi

Hello. My name is Pan Zaixi. I’m 15 years old. I live in Pujiang, a town not far from Chengdu. Here are my answers to your questions.

My first memory of school was its beautiful scenery. When I first entered the school, I was deeply attracted by its environment. With green trees and different kinds of flowers everywhere, our school looked like a big garden. Besides, the classrooms were amazing with a special shape. They also had computers with a big screen. What brilliant environment it was!

My favorite activity in first grade was playing chess. It was a good way to relax when I was tired. My first teacher was an enthusiastic man called Mr.Du. His humorous discourse made us laugh loudly. The method of Mr.Du is nothing like that of teachers in my previous school. When somebody was making mistakes, he just smiled and gave encouragement to them, so that they didn’t feel completely stupid. He was fluent in speaking English. With his help, I made great progress.

My first best friend was a girl called Zhou Ruiqi and we were friends for about ten years. She was my primary school, junior high school and senior high school classmate. She was a top student in our class and she had a positive attitude to study. She was an example of me. I needed to continue making great efforts to catch up with her!

Passage 4 – By TONY

Dear Martha,

I am very glad to receive your letter. My name is Tony, a senior high student in tenth grade at Pujiang high school. My favorite subject is English because I think English is not only a tool of communication, but I can also sense the beauty of another culture through English.

In the email you sent me just now, you asked me 4 questions about the new school that I am studying in. Here are my answers.

My first memory of this new school is the military training. At the beginning of the military training, I was not serious enough and treated it as an interesting game. My attitude caused so many low-level mistakes which made me so ashamed. After that, I realized we should put our heart into getting everything we do, whether it is big or small.
In the weekdays, we will have one hour to do outdoor activities every afternoon. My favorite activity is to play table tennis because I think it is good for my eyesight. And I have also made a lot of friends who like to play it too.

My first teacher is called Mr.Gao. He is our head teacher and our math teacher. He always explains things clearly and his humor makes the class lively.

My first best friend in this class is David. He is a helpful boy. When I meet some problems, he is often willing to offer help as long as he is able to.