Life In the Future

Passage 1 – By Luo Xiaoyan

With the fast development of our lively country, I believe that my life will be very different in twenty years.

I’ll be 36 years old by then. I will definitely be a surgeon in a hospital. And I will carry out operations by controlling the robots. This way, it will be less painful for the patients. Maybe I’ll probably have two lovely children. I will take them to the amusement park with my husband on the weekend. And my husband will buy us some ice-cream. What’s more, I will definitely travel all over the world with my husband.

To make my dream come true, I must study harder from now on!

Passage 2 – By Wu Liqiong

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I’m sure that my life will change a lot in 20 years.

My dream is to be a doctor, so I will probably be working in a hospital in 20 years. It may be very hard, but it is my dream. So I am going to learn more about medicine and know more about medicinal plants. And as I grow up, I will probably get married.

Then I will live in a peaceful place, where there will be may plant outdoors and I can draw trees and the beautiful scenery. In my free time, I will take some exercise, such as running or climbing. I will also travel to some interesting places and some historical sites.

Hopefully, I will have a happy life in the future.

Passage 3 – By TONY

The weather today is fine. Sunlight travels from the blue sky to the ground and goes through the window. Time is just like an hourglass, peacefully… I am sitting in my small balcony, thinking about what my life will be like in the future.

In 2020, I will be studying in SISU (Shanghai International Studies University). The reason why I want to study there is that I want to be an English teacher. And I think that English will be much more important than it is now. I will work hard to be a good teacher, and let my students fall in love with English and feel confident about their English wherever they are.

In addition to being a teacher, I will also do some part-time jobs, so that I can give my future family a more colorful life. Maybe I will open a shop online or set up a small Internet project to make more money.

In 2025, I will marry a girl. She may not be as beautiful as Angela Baby, but I think she must be kind and tender. Also, she must be good at children’s education. In our free time, we will travel around the world. We will admire the beautiful sunrise and sunset together hand in hand… I will also set up a website to record our daily life bit by bit to show our love for each other.

In 2030, my wife and I will give birth to our child called little Tony in China. We’ll accompany our child through a happy childhood. And After his 16-year-old birthday, he will be sent to the United State for further education, so that he can know more about the world…

Life is short, and we can’t afford to waste a minute. In order to achieve my dream, I must work hard from now on. And whenever I think about my future family, I will be full of power.

That is some of my dreams. What about your dreams for the future? Write me at