I Wish – I

Poem 1 – By Du Zhuoyin

I wish people could say hi to me across the river

And we go together to see the flower

Poem 2 – By Luo Sirun

I wish I were a millionaire

And have my personal air

Poem 3 – By Wang Xin

I wish I could sleep all day long

Like pigs that don’t study and don’t run

Peom 4 – By Ye Binyan

I wish people would respect my choice

Although I have some unhappy experience

If only people could respect it

I would much appreciate it

Poem 5 – By Zhang Wenqian

I wish I were a bird singing aloud

Flying in the sky like a white cloud

I wish it would land by my window

So quietly for me to take a photo

I wish it would fly high

Till the day when I die

Poem 6 – By Xiang Hailan

I wish sunshine could light the shadow

Send lights through the blue window

So that I could see the blue sky

When I look into the girl’s eye

Poem 7 – Pan Zaixi

I wish people could take their responsibility

Try challenging to welcome the impossibility

I wish I could rush out of the crowd

Fly to the sun shining behind a cloud

Poem 8 – By Du Xinwei

I wish I could have a big house

Where I don’t see any mice

I wish I could have a pretty dress

Which doesn’t leave me in a mess

I wish I could have a cute dog

Whose name will be Mog

I wish I could have a healthy body

So that I can live happily with my daddy

Poem 9 – By Gao Qin

I wish people could throw away their mobile phone

So that they would not feel so alone

Poem 10 – By Xiang Xinyang

I wish I could be a flower

So that I can make people happier

I wish I could be a waterfall

So that I can make nature more beautiful

Poem 11 – By Liu Lian

I wish I could be

A whale in the sea

Chatting with the fish

Chasing after spray

I wish I could be

A sparrow on the tree

Circling around the fountain

Flying above the mountain

How I wish I could be

A little vigorous seed

That takes spring to your lawn

With a smile that can be seen