Fantasy Literature II

Passage 1 – By Bao Anqi

Anna is a lover of plants who lives in a very deep forest. In fact, she is such a warm-hearted witch that she always uses the magical herbs she plants to help villagers nearby. However, every time she offers to give the herbs to the villagers, they do not believe her because she is a witch. Although very sad, she still asks her close friend Lily Green–a cute elf to give the herbs away instead of taking revenge on them. Around seven months later, something unexpected happened in the village.

It was a snowy day and things were very nice before something bad happened. A huge and reddish monster came up to the village. He broke many houses using his four big palms just like a huge elephant. What’s worse, he caught some children and “played” them in his big and brown palms. All the villagers were so frightened that they just stood still and didn’t dare to move. The situation was quite urgent and dangerous. Lily Green set out quickly to ask Anna for help.

On hearing the news, Anna, together with Lily, set out quickly without wasting a second. When they arrived there, Anna struggled with this monster for a long time and managed to put a spell on the monster. Eventually, Anna beat the monster, but she was so weak that she fell to the ground.

“Are you OK?” asked Lily and the villagers.

“Don’t worry about me.I will be fine in a few days,” answered Anna.

“We are so sorry for the way we treated you in the past, you are definitely the best witch in the world. Can you forgive us?” asked the villagers.

After hearing these words, tears scalded her eyes. She nodded with excited tears running down her face.

The story aims to show people that we shouldn’t judge others by their name, but should judge them by who they are and what they do. Just like the witch Anna in the story, isn’t she a good example for us to follow?

Passage 2 – By Du Xinwei

Andy—The Witch

Andy, a beautiful princess living in a big castle, is born with fascinating wings.

One day, while chasing a rabbit in the forest, she finds a handsome man with attractive blue eyes fixed on her. For no reason, her heart thumps, and she immediately realizes that she appeals to him too. Soon they get married.

Without a doubt, they should have lived a happy life, but in fact, they haven’t. One night, the man goes into Andy’s room with wariness, slightly stoops, and then quickly cuts off her wings without hesitation. In fact, the man is a prince in another country called Peter, who is asked to get Andy’s wings which can turn something dead into alive. Their magical power will help him to become the king of the kingdom, So, he appears before Andy on purpose to entice her to fall in love with him.

After losing the precious wings, Andy becomes an ugly and wicked witch. But she still has great magical power. She locks herself in her room for a long time until she knows that Peter has married another girl and has got a baby whose name is Jenny. She suddenly realizes that she should take revenge. Using her great power, she steals their baby and takes her to her castle. But because of her original kindness, she lets her grow up instead of killing her. However, Andy never shows her love for Jenny although Jenny doesn’t know anything.

One day, Jenny falls into a lake and almost dies. On hearing the news, Andy is aware of her true love for Jenny all at once. As a result, it is Andy that uses all her power to save Jenny. Thanks to the magical power she possesses, finally Jenny is awake! Andy feels such a sense of happiness that tears scalded her eyes. She hugs Jenny and murmurs:” I love you, my little Jenny.”

In the end, Peter makes an apology to Andy and returns her wings to her. Living together in the castle, which is laden with laughter, Andy and Jenny have a very happy life.

Passage 3 – By Zhang Kaiting

The following of the story of Ferdinand in the textbook – NSE BOOK 6

The frog tells Ferdinand that he has to find the magic sword of the ancient warrior to break the witch’s magic and defeat the wicked witch. Of course, the process of looking for the sword will be very difficult. But Ferdinand still sets out with the frog. On the way, they meet a lot of danger and difficulties. They go through the dangerous forest, climb over the steep cliffs and meet the horrible bear. Finally, they find the sword.

At the same time, the wicked witch is ruling the people of the country. Ferdinand goes back immediately and into the palace of the witch to kill her. The battle is so intense that it lasts the whole day. At one time, the witch is about to be beaten by Ferdinand when the witch uses her most dangerous deadly medicine and pours it on the prince. Realizing the danger, the frog jumps out and saves the prince by knocking the witch over. But unfortunately, the medicine falls on its body. Ferdinand is very angry and waves his sword to pierce the witch’s heart. The witch has no time to escape and dies at last.

Suddenly, a white light shines from the frog and then the prince sees a beautiful girl in the light. In fact, the frog is a princess and the wicked witch takes away her beauty and turns her into a frog. Ferdinand suddenly discovers that he falls in love with the princess. But the princess is going to die in his arms because of the deadly medicine. Ferdinand shouts and tears scalded his eyes. However, no one can save the princess in time and she dies in the end, only leaving a smile to Ferdinand.

Ferdinand becomes the hero on the continent and takes possession of the land of his father and of his uncle. But he loses the most important thing in his life—the princess he loves.

Passage 4 – By Xiang Xinyang

The Magical Flower

There is a beautiful island on the sea and a lot of flowers come out when spring comes, but they are not normal flowers. They have magic and the ability to talk. They can give people power they want or make the dreams come true.

Of course, there are also other creatures like the elves and hobbies. Also, there is one kind which called Nancy, who is the owner of all the flowers. She looks after the flowers well so that the flowers can help others in need. Although she has a lot of magic, she doesn’t hurt anyone. The only thing she likes is to talk with the flowers and give others a flower when they are in danger. All the creatures living on the island love her very much.

But things change suddenly when a bad witch comes to the island. She hears the story of the magical flowers and wants to own them. She pretends to be hurt and goes to find Nancy for help. Nancy is so kind that she not only gives her a flower but also invites her to her home to have a rest until she recovers. During the day the bad witch stays in Nancy’s home. She finds that if anyone wants to own all the flowers, she needs to have a necklace first. She is surprised to know that the necklace is around Nancy’s neck. So she starts to take action to steal the necklace. While Nancy is sleeping, she takes the necklace away and at the same time, all the flowers lose their lives, and no plants can grow, the island becomes a desert.

After seeing this situation, Nancy becomes angry but she can do nothing without the necklace. All the creatures feel sad, but they hear that there is also another flower that can defeat the bad witch and bring the island back to life.

However, the flower grows on the other side of the sea and there is only one left. After knowing this, Nancy and other creatures set out to find the flower. After a long journey on the sea, they finally arrive, but almost half of them are injured because of the sharks in the sea. However, Nancy doesn’t give up and after four months, they succeed in finding the flower. Although exhausted, they are very happy and even better, the magic of Nancy comes back when she touches the flower and all of the creatures feel energetic too at the same time.

They immediately go to the kingdom of the bad witch and have an intense fight with the bad witch. But just before the bad witch dies, she tries to use her last magic to destroy the necklace; Nancy quickly flies to the necklace and saves it in time. Unfortunately, Nancy is attacked by the bad witch. After the witch dies, all of them come up to Nancy, but they are sad that Nancy is also going to die. They try their best but can’t save her at all. Nancy dies, leaving a smile on them.

The island comes back to normal and although Nancy dies, the flowers are well looked after by the elves and hobbies. They live a happy life and no one will destroy the flowers under the protection of the necklace.

Passage 5 – By Luo Sirun

The Second Space

Alan, an eleven-year-old girl, came into a new world by accident at her birthday party. The world is called The Second Space.

All the trees there are as small as bushes on the earth. There are many strange creatures with magical powers. The elves, beautiful and intelligent creatures who live at the top of mountains can master the weather. The hobbits, small and cute creatures who live in the caves can bring life to plants which have already died.

Seeing the alien creatures and the strange scenes, Alan felt very frightened but inquisitive. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a dark shadow. Alan was frightened to close her eyes and hold her head. But curiosity overcame fear, Alan slowly opened her eyes and looked around with a shudder, raising her hands to cover parts of her eyes. Hearing sounds of yawning, Alan looked back over her shoulder and saw that there was an old man sitting on a big stone. He had a very big, black and glossy shell on his back and his hair was totally white. To Alan’s surprise, the old man totally resembled her grandpa who had already died about 2 years ago.

Tears scalded her eyes.

Passage 6 – By Zhang Wenqian

Spring in March

Yuka is the monitor of sunflowers. She has a big garden, which is used to plant sunflowers. Every year, when spring comes, thousands of sunflowers wake up from winter and begin to grow. Being taken care of by Yuka, the sunflowers grow very quickly until their bows reach two meters’ height and shade Yuka’s head.

But this year, the spring hasn’t come now. Yuka’s friend, Lily White, who is a little elf and the massager of spring, hasn’t shown up until the sun sets down. Lily White makes an apology to Yuka for her two days’ late, with exhaustion on her face.

“My dear friend, why didn’t you arrive until this time?” Yuka asks genuinely and advises Lily to have a rest.

“Emm…Several things happened on my way. Do you want to know?” Lily smiles.

On the day of spring’s coming, Lily set up early and headed towards Yuka’s garden. When she passed a cottage in a forest, she found an old man lying on his bed through the window and the man looked very weak.

“Are you the massager of spring?” The old man asked.

“What happened to you? Can I help you?” Lily asked.

“I have been ill for many months and there’s a little time for me.” The old man trembled in pain. “I have a wish. Could you please do me a favor? ”

“Yes, I’d like to. Lily came closer to the old man.

“I was a flower keeper, and I want to see the flowers in my garden come out before I die.”

That was not a big problem. Lily used her magical power to make all the flowers outside the cottage grow up quickly. The vines climbed towards the window and beautiful flowers filled every corner of the cottage.

Lily flew up to the window, and the man smiled and closed his eyes quietly.

“Thank you.” The man fell into sleep forever.

Lily buried him in the sea of flowers. He will have a sweet dream.

When Lily woke up from tiredness, it was the second day. She hurried up and flew in the sky. Everywhere she passed by, the flowers, grass, and trees began to grow. Finally, when she was tired, she arrived at a small town.

“What is spring?” She heard a child’s voice. She looked around and found the child was speaking towards the air. The child was blind.

“Spring is a season which shows the beginning of a year,” Lily answered.

“Season…What is a season? The wind? Or the water? I have been blind since I was born, and I have never seen the world with my eyes.” The child said in a pity.

Lily gave a flower seed to the child. “Please spread your hand and hold it upwards.” The child did so. Lily used her magic again and the seed grew up into a flower in just a few seconds. The child felt the changes of the seed- not only its shape but also its weight.

It was the weight of life. Holding the flower, the child felt the gentle wind and warm sunshine. He heard the birds singing and the scent of flowers.

“Spring means the most lively days”, Lily told the child.” Let’s plant it in the soil and it will grow better”. The child nodded.

The second day passed quickly and the third day came.Lily flew fast and arrived.

“ So you really did your job very well.” looking at her little friend’s eyes, Yuka smiles.

“ Thank you for your encouragement”, Lily replies happily.

The sunflowers will grow up healthily this year.

Passage 7 – By TONY

A Big World In a Trunk

Chapter 1

It was a dark twilight when a young hunter named Aaron was hanging around in the forest, thirsty and hungry. He hadn’t caught any prey for nearly one week.

The forest is so quiet that it seemed that the young man had to go back home with his empty hands again.

When he was about to give up, he saw a pair of rabbits playing between a tree and a rock, about thirty meters away. Aaron was so happy that he immediately shot an arrow at them. Without a precise aim, the arrow hit the rock instead of the rabbits, which frightened them. The rabbits ran away.

“Oh, no! My dinner! Don’t run away!” Aaron shouted as he ran after the rabbits and tried to catch them.

Following the rabbits, the young man ran for several minutes without a rest. Standing in an unknown area, he was in such a terrible exhaustion. At last, not able to keep his eyes open, he leaned against a tree and fell asleep within a few seconds.

Chapter 2

On the second morning, sunlight traveled through the gap of tree leaves, shining brightly. He was wakened up by the bird’s tweet. It was the first time he had heard the noise of animals in the forest since the beginning of this week.

His mind danced with the bird’s beautiful songs as he looked up to the tree. It was a pine. But it was so different from the other trees in the forest, as it was all golden. But what was the strangest thing was not that the trunk of the tree was much bigger than those of the other trees but that at the back of the tree there was a wooden door!

With strong curiosity, he tried pushing the door. The door swung open. He was completely shocked by the scenery in front of him. In the small trunk, there was a big world! Much bigger than the trunk looked like outside.

Aaron knew that he was at the entrance to another unknown world.

“What might happen if I walked in? Will I find those two rabbits?” thought he. With great curiosity, he walked in…