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When my son, Mark, was the third grade, he saved all his pocket money for over three months to buy holiday gifts. The third Saturday in December Mark said he made his list and had twenty dollars in his pocket. I drove him to a nearby supermarket. Mark picked up a hand basket and went in while I waited and watched in the car. It took Mark over 45 minutes to choose his gifts. Finally, he came to the checkout counter and reached into his pocket for his money.

Passage 1 – By Wan Zili

It was not there! Mark couldn’t find his pocket money! He was very nervous. ANd he looked for it everywhere, with his tears running down. I went to him and asked him what happened. He told me everything words by word. Suddenly I came up with an idea. I gave the money to him and told him, “ You have left your money here. Did you forget it?” He looked at me in surprise.

Mark took the money, dried his tears and paid for the things. When we got home that day, Mark began to save money again. I asked him why. He said, “ Dad, I know you helped me”.

Passage 2 – By Xiang Hailan

David Bates has a telescope for five years. But he first saw aliens on the moon three months ago. Last night, he said he saw aliens were getting out of a spaceship. Then he was happy to go the police station. When he got to the police station, he told the policemen about the aliens. However, whatever he said, the policemen didn’t believe him. So he had to carry his telescope to the police station to prove what he said was true.

When he brought the telescope to the police station, the policemen came to look through it. Just like Mr.Bates, they saw “aliens” too. The policemen also wanted to see other planets, so he adjusted the direction of the telescope. To his surprise, however he adjusted, there were“aliens”. So he thought there was something wrong with the telescope. Finally, he found three insects that were caught in the eyepiece, and they were trying to get out of it. That meant what David Bates saw were not aliens but three insects!

Passage 3 – By Xiang Huabin

David Bates bought a telescope when he was ten years old. David likes using his telescope to look at the moon. When he was fifteen, he first saw aliens on the moon. So he thought there are possibly aliens in the universe.
One day, he saw aliens and their spaceship. He decided to go to the police station and told them about this. But the policemen neither believed in aliens nor believed him. “Aliens? They are impossible! You must be joking! I advise you to have your eyes examined”.

Passage 4 – By Chen Yunxin

David Bates has had a telescope for about ten years. As an amateur astronomer, he used the telescope to observe the beautiful planets and stars. The first time he saw aliens on the moon was two years ago. But last night, he said he saw aliens again. Many people didn’t believe him, so he went to the police station.

“You can’t be serious!”

“That’s true! I didn’t lie!”

“Ok. Can you give me more information?”

“Last night, while I was looking at the moon through my telescope, I saw aliens on the moon. They were getting out of a spaceship.”

“Well, can you give me a description of their appearance?”

“In fact, I didn’t see them clearly. Maybe they have green skin and big eyes or look like animals, right?”

“Well, I admire your imagination. Have you been watching the news on TV or newspaper?”

“ No, I just write my articles every day in my room.”

“ It seems that you should know more about the news. Yesterday was October 17, 2016. Shenzhou XI in China was sent up to the moon!”

Passage 5 – By Ren Xiaoli

Amateur astronomer David Bates was looking at the moon through his telescope last night when he suddenly saw aliens on the moon! No one else saw the aliens, so not many people believe Mr.Bates.

David Bates has had a telescope for 10 years. It is really old. Since then, he has often looked at the moon on a bright moon night. The first time he saw aliens on the moon was five years ago. Last night, while he was looking at the sky through his telescope, he saw something strange moving on the moon. “ Aliens!” he thought at that time. One night he saw the aliens again. But he went to the police station this time. When he arrived there, a policeman was busy with his daily work. “ Hello, Sir!” said David Bates. “ I saw aliens again! You must trust me!” The policemen went to his home and looked at the telescope carefully. “ I’m sorry to tell you that they are not aliens at all. We have observed it. It is just because of the foggy weather that there is dust in your telescope!”