Passage 1 – By Fei Jingwen

Nowadays, a heated discussion has been held about whether people should clone or not. If you had the power, would you ban cloning or would you encourage it?

Some people are against cloning. They think that cloning is against nature because it may restrict the biodiversity of nature. What’s more, they think anyone who was a clone would be under unknown psychological pressure throughout their childhood.

However, I’m for cloning. It has lots of advantages which are beneficial to human beings. First, it can help couples who find it difficult to have children to have babies.Second, it can be used to obtain a supply of stem cells to help people recover from a disease. So if we make good use of cloning, it will be of great benefit to us.

So if I had the power, I would encourage cloning.

Passage 2 – By Du Xinwei

“If you had the power, would you ban cloning or would you encourage it?” has become a hot topic all around the world. However, opinions vary from person to person.

It’s generally agreed that the disadvantages of cloning far outweigh the advantages. Cloning is not only against nature but also dangerous since scientists may create monsters by mistake, which can be out of control. In addition, all the cloned animals born so far easily get ill and die quite young. For example, Dolly the sheep was cloned in 1997, but it then died in 2003.

On the contrary, others think they would encourage cloning. First, cloning is of great benefit to us humans. For example, if a couple can’t have children, cloning could help give them a child. Second, we could cure illnesses and repair human tissue from cloning an embryo to obtain a supply of stem cells. In that way, we humans can enjoy a healthier body.

Every coin has two sides. But from my point of view, encouraging cloning should be a better option. Though unpredictably dangerous it is, we find it necessary to study and improve cloning. And not only science should be developed, but also we humans should look forward to a high-quality life. So cloning is needed, for it can make the world a better place!

Passage 3 – By Luo Sirun

Although cloning may be beneficial, there are many reasons not to develop cloning. And if I had the power, I would ban cloning.

Firstly, cloning is against nature. Although cloned crops can resist rot or pets, only relying on cloned crops would restrict the biodiversity of the breed. Secondly, cloned animal get ill and die quite young. For example, Dolly the sheep, which was cloned in 1997, died in 2003. Thirdly, cloning is dangerous because criminals may get out of control by having cloned.

Since there are so many reasons for banning cloning, I am against cloning.

Passage 4 – By Deng Yuxin

Cloning is a controversial topic. In contrast with its benefits, it is also harmful. So it’s very hard to decide whether to allow it or ban it. My reasons are as follows.

Firstly, cloning is against nature. If we always rely on a cloned crop or animal which can resist bacteria, it would restrict the biodiversity of the breed. Secondly, even if we can have our pets cloned as many people with, cloned pets often have health problems and are not identical to the old one in every aspect. In other words, cloning can’t bring our much-loved pets back to life. So why do we clone an unhealthy and ordinary one which costs so much money? In addition, cloning is dangerous. We can’t guarantee that scientists wouldn’t create a monster by mistake. And we can’t make sure if the monster is accompanied by some viruses which can spread quickly like what happened in Hollywood films. We have never been in such a situation and we don’t know if the society will be out of control.

Because of the previous reasons, I would control cloning but not ban it if I had the power. I think cloning may play an essential role sometimes. Like our nuclear weapon, although it has many vices, we need it to deal with some possible critical problems which may be related to human beings’ survival in the future.

I’m also a contradictory one!

Passage 5 – By TONY

In a recent study, a team of Chinese researchers led by Qiang Sun has cloned two monkeys successfully. They used the Dolly cloning technique and managed to make it work on monkeys.

It was really a hit in science, and most people were concerned that the next creature to be cloned will probably be humans! By the time I saw this news, I had just learned something about cloning in my English class. Since I was interested in this topic, I’d like to write a passage to share my opinions about cloning with you. I support cloning, and my reasons are as follows.

Firstly, cloning helps people who can’t have babies. It is hard for some couples to have their own babies for some reasons. If a woman can’t give birth to children, she can have one cloned instead.
Secondly, cloning helps to protect endangered animals. Every year thousands of wild animals become extinct due to the environmental pollution or some other reasons. The news came that the last male Northern white rhinoceros in the world died on 19 March 2018. If we had cloned it, we could have real white rhinoceros to see in the future.

Thirdly, cloning doesn’t always mean copying an entire person. Most people who tend to be against cloning don’t really understand how cloning works. In their mind, cloning is just like copying and pasting something on the computer. But in fact, scientists can choose to clone only part of a body, like heart, eyes, legs, etc. So for a patient with heart disease who had to wait for several months before someone else gave him a hearing in the past, cloning can give him a new heart with his own gene in a few weeks which will be very helpful.

In a word, cloning is beneficial to humans as long as we use it properly. None can stop the improvement of science, and what we should do is to make good use of such technology, or we will die with it.

Passage 6 – By Luo Xiaoyan

Cloning is a controversial tropical. It’s hard to say whether cloning is right or not.

It’s agreed that cloning has some disadvantages. Firstly, it is against nature. As we all know, everything has its own way of living. Secondly, cloned animals get ill and die quite young. It’s unfear for them to be given unhealthy bodies. Thirdly, people are afraid that bad people would use cloning to do dangerous things.

However, if I had the power, I would encourage cloning. My reasons are as follows.Firstly, cloning will be beneficial to human beings. For example, if a couple couldn’t have children, cloning would help give them a child. Secondly, we can obtain a supply of stem cells which can help develop into every type of cell in our body to cure disease. This way, humans could recover from a disease and become healthier. Thirdly, cloning endangered crops and animals can keep the biodiversity of the breed, thus keeping the balance of life. Fourthly, if our world were to have a serious disaster and many people died, scientists could clone humans by using high technology.

In my opinion, every coin has two sides.We should try our best to make good use of cloning instead of being afraid of it.