Passage 1 – By Bao Anqi

We all know that April is a month which stands for hope and warmth. In China, there is a related festival called “April Carnival”

April Carnival is celebrated on April 18th. Although it just lasts for one day, everyone takes an active part in it, especially the teenagers. They will wear special costumes to dress up as “yellow bees” “sunflowers” or anything related to April. They walk on the streets to sing and dance in celebration of the arrival of spring. The high spot of the festival is the kite competition. There are many creative kites made of paper, bamboo, or plastic. When these kites are flown into the sky at the same time, it is quite amazing!

For traditional food, people usually prepare a big lunch. Among various tasty dishes, a plate of fish will always be included. For people in Sichuan they usually cook the fish with red chili, and the spicy sauce on the fish makes that dish juicy and delicious.

April Carnival in China may not be as noisy as the carnival in western countries, but we can sense the beauty of Chinese culture behind this special carnival.

Passage 2 – By Zhou Qinghong

Nowadays, .many Chinese youngsters like celebrating foreign festivals, like the carnival, Christmas and so on. But in my opinion, we Chinese should not forget our traditional festivals.

So I have an idea about combining Chinese Spring Festival with the western carnival, which is called Spring Carnival.
The spring Carnival is celebrated on January first in the Chinese lunar calendar. People

drink, dance and have parade likeCarnival in Rio for this festival. At he same time, people follow the Spring Festival traditions by setting off firecrackers, putting red couplets and visiting relatives. Everyone is a part of the celebration and has a good time during the festival.

The Spring Carnival is a multicultural festival and can be considered as the combination of eastern culture and western culture. It it also a good time to look back over the old year and forward to the new one.

In conclusion, the Spring Carnival is a traditional and international festival. I hope all people enjoyed themselves in the carnival.

Passage 3 – By TONY

Dear Everyone,

I am happy to share my ideas about the new carnival I created just now with you.

The name of the carnival is Cross Year Carnival. From its name, you may probably connect your thought with the new year. As you wish, Cross Year Carnival means the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year. And of course, it is celebrated on December 31st every year.

On the evening of that day, every family will have a big meal at home. The meal usually contains beer, which people think can wash off the bad fortune inside their body. On the table, every member of the family will work together to do a very important and meaningful thing. They will look back to the whole year and talk about the things they did together, the photos they took and so on. They will make a summary of the whole year and plan for the next year.

After the meal, they will go out to the street and join the crowd. They dance and sing to the music of the band playing on the street. It is believed that the louder one sing, the luckier one will be in the next year.

At about 23:59, everybody will stop singing. They will count down from 10 to 0 with large LED numbers showing on the big screen of the square. And that is the high spot of the carnival.

That is all about the Cross Year Carnival. I think it is very meaningful because this is the day for looking back and looking forward.

Passage 4 – By Li Jiangsong

In China, there are lots of different kinds of festivals, such as Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and so on. But there are no carnivals. As for me, I want to set a date for a new festival called Game Carnival.

The Game Carnival will be celebrated on 5th May every year, and it will last for only three days. During this period, people can play games which they want without being limited. For example, if some people want to play the hide-and-seek, there will be safe and small forests offered by the government for them to have fun. People can enjoy themselves in the relaxing environment. Besides, for some people who are interested in computer games, it is the best time to have a good time.

Although people don’t have enough time to play games on weekdays, they can play games whenever they want during the carnival.

In a nutshell, the reason why I found the Game Carnival is that I want to play computer games whenever I want during this period of time. So it is called the Game Carnival. Haha!

Passage 5 – By Xiang Hailan

Hello, everyone!

I’m in Chengdu on the Tianfu Square. Today is 15th January on the Chinese lunar calendar, but it isn’t like traditional China. I’m at the Lantern Festival and Chengdu Carnival. The festival was established by the government of Chengdu, and the goal is to relax people and push the development of the economy. There must be a million people here. Everybody is having a good time, except the policemen.

Many people set off lanterns called “Kongming” into the air carrying their wishes to the new year.

Besides, there are bands from all over China playing various types of music, which combine traditional elements of every nation. They’re exciting and relaxing.

What impressed me most is the food. At this time, ”Kuanzhaixiangzi” – two famous ancient Streets in Chengdu, is full of people who want to taste special food in Sichuan. ”Sandapao” “Longchaoshou” etc. are very delicious. All of them are popular.

Now, I’m staying with my best friends and the celebrations are continuing outside. When I’ve finished this email, I will go back to enjoy the carnival. Because it’s the last day for people to stay at home and have a rest. Tomorrow will be the day for people to go back to work.