A Film Review

Passage 1 – By Du Xinwei

Wall-E is an enjoyable 3D animation film for which Andrew Stanton serves as the main director. It came out in the USA in 2008 and it had a big reputation at that time. Besides, for this film, Andrew won an Oscar, Hollywood’s highest prize.

The film is set in the distant future when the earth is full of rubbish. No one lives on the earth except a robot called Wall- E, who is left to clean the rubbish. One day, Wall- E meets a female robot called EVE and falls in love with her. In order to save her, Wall-E climbs onto the spaceship which catches EVE and then he has a wonderful and exciting journey in space. In the end, humans realize the importance of saving the earth, so they come back and start planting trees.

I was deeply attracted by this meaningful film. The name of the movie-Wall- E, has another deeper meaning: Waste Allocation Load Lifters- Earth. It’s our duty to reuse our limited resources and make our home more beautiful. So, go to do a small thing to protect our earth from now on!

Passage 2 – By Qin Ziyi

The Pixar film Wall- E was created in 2008. It’s an entertaining and moving film about robots.

In the future, about 800 years later, our earth is covered with trash and there is a garbage collecting robot called Wall- E. Wall- E and his friend cockroach live on the earth, and other people have left the earth and live in a large spaceship. One day Eve, a reconnaissance robot, comes to find a plant. Wall-E falls in love with Eve and follows her to the spaceship. They beat the spacecraft automatic control system and help people to return to the earth.

Wall- E and Eve are brave. This film tells us that it’s important to protect the environment.

Passage 3 – By An Ran

On Saturday, we watched the movie called Wall-E. You can’t imagine how wonderful this movie is!

This is a science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton. It grossed $534 million worldwide, won the 2008 Oscar Award for Best Animated Film. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece.

This movie came out in 2008 and this story takes place in about 2805. At that time, the earth is covered with rubbish. There are no people on the earth but a robot called Wall-E. And this story follows the robot.

Wall- E is a robot that is designed to clean up the waste covered earth. He is full of courage and is so brave that he helps people in that spaceship to come back to the earth. And another robot called Eve is the character that interests me most. Finally, Walle- E and Eve are in love with each other.

From the movie, we get the idea that protecting the earth is so necessary and we should take action to do it now. There are also some deeper meanings behind the movie, which make the movie well worth watching.

Passage 4 – By Zhang Xinyi

Cartoon films are always interesting and I’m going to tell you about a cartoon film called Wall-E.

The story takes place in 2810. The earth is polluted and people move to a spaceship called the Truth. The main character Wall- E and his friend still work on Earth and their work is to press rubbish into a square and then put them in order. But as time goes by, his friends are broken, that means, there is only one robot on Earth. He is very lonely and there is only a cockroach which stays with him.

One day, a big spaceship sends another robot onto the earth. She is a very cute girl called Eve. When Wall- E tries so many times, they become friends. He takes Eve to his home and gives her many things. But when he takes out the plant he has found by chance, Eve robs him of it. When the big spaceship comes back to take her away, Wall- E catches the spaceship and goes to the truth with her.

The people there are very lazy. They sit in their own seats and the seats can move in a single orbit. They don’t need to do anything except giving directions to their own robots. The captain is one of these people. But when the captain gets the plant, he thinks of the beauty of the earth and he thinks he must take his people back to the earth and make the earth green again. They overcome many difficulties and succeed in coming back. Wall- E and Eve fall in love with each other and they stay together forever.

Wall- E is such an excellent film directed by Andrew Stanton, a distinguished director that I like a lot. The plot and the design of the film are very beautiful.

Films like this are well worth seeing. Go and see Wall- E. It’ll make your heart leap with excitement and its beauty, and you’ll know the importance of protecting the earth.

Passage 5 – By Xiang Xinyang

Zootopia is a 3D animation directed by Byron Howard. Before the film came out, it already had a big reputation and it’s extremely successful.

The movie tells a story about animals. In a city where all animals live happily together, a rabbit named Judy, who comes from the countryside, dreams of becoming a policewoman. She succeeds in achieving her dream by working hard. On her way to success, she meets many friends and overcomes many difficulties by working together with her friends.

Zootopia is a wonderful motivational film. It is not only a masterpiece in the area of 3D animations, but also encourages the teenager to achieve their dream no matter how difficult the way to success is. What we should do is to work hard to be brave enough to face and overcome the difficulties along the way and we can succeed in the end.

Passage 6 – By TONY

The Martian, which came out on November 25th, 2015, is a science fiction worth watching. This film was directed by Ridley Scott, based on Andy Weir’s 2011 novel the Martian. The main character of the film, Mark Watney, was left alone on the Mars by mistake. This film tells of how he survived and came back to the earth.

In 2035, a crew coming from NASA was sent to the Mars for the first time. But unluckily, during their tasks on the Mars, an unexpected and heavy windstorm hit them. They had to stop working and go back to their spacecraft. During their return, Mark Watney was hit by a piece of metal and it destroyed the life detector on his spacesuit. His crew all believed he was dead, so they took off from the Mars without Mark.

After several hours, Mark was woken up by the low oxygen warn on his space suit. He stood up and sadly found that his crew had already left. With heavy footsteps, he went back to the base of operations- a place where the astronauts work on another planet. He realized that the resources in their base were limited and he had to do something to save himself. He searched the base and was surprised to find there were some fresh potatoes. So he came up with the idea of growing potatoes on the Mars. Finally, he got in touch with NASA who sent back the crew to pick him up.

Two hundred and twenty- five million kilometers between the Mars and the earth, with no human being around, Mark managed to survive depending on himself. “ At some point, everything is going wrong, but you can never think that way,” Mark said.

I was deeply impressed with Mark’s courage and his spirit of never giving up. He is a good example for all of us. It’s a wonderful film and I think everyone will enjoy it.