A Book Review

Passage 1 – By Luo Xiaoyan

Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back directed by Xu Ke, is a story about four people’s journey to the west.

The master of them is called Tang Sanzang. The other three people are Sun Wukong, Zhu Wuneng, and Sha Wujing. They help Tang Sanzang go to the west. They meet a lot of monsters on the way. Tang Sanzang falls in love with a kind monster named Bai Gujing, who is very beautiful. In the end, the four people and Bai Gujing catch the Nine Golden Eagles together.It’s sad that Bai Gujing dies while protecting Tang Sanzang.

This film is not only very funny but also very moving and inspiring. It shows us that good people usually win and that love and friendship are the most important things in life.

Passage 2 – By Bao Anqi

Three Days To See is an excellent book written by Hellen Keller. This book gives a vivid account of the ups and downs of her life. Although she can neither say nor speak, she never gives up chasing her dream. Everyone can get positive energy after reading it. This book is educational and worth reading. Hellen’s strong will has a profound effect on the readers. She sets a good example to us on how to face the difficulties in life bravely.

Passage 3 – By Xiang Huabin

The Shape of Voice is a Japanese cartoon. It tells a story about the school bully. Xigong Xiaozi is deaf. She can only communicate through finger language. Her classmates, including the main character Jiangye, often play a trick on her until Xiaozi’mother realizes it. Xiao’s mother is so angry that she takes Xiaozi to another school.

Several years later, Xiaozi and Jiangye meet again. Jiangye is sorry that he used to bully her and wants to get her forgiveness. Xiaozi is touched by Jiangye’ s sincerity and forgives him.

This film is meaningful and serious. Its meaning is worth thinking about. Bullying exists everywhere. For those who are weaker, we should communicate with them patiently and treat them kindly. Don’t bully them for fun.

Passage 4 – By Xiang Xinyang

The Miracle of Grocery is a famous novel written by a Japanese writer named Higashino Keigo. It tells about a story of a grocery store which is located on a quiet street. As long as you send your troubles and problems into the box in front of the store, you can get the answers the next day.This book not only connects love between couples with the love among families but also mix the true life with your dream. Everyone has a dream, but sometimes because of many reasons, we can’t go on achieving our dreams. However, we shouldn’t give up, the difficulties can be overcome by your efforts. The more you give, the better you will get in the future. So don’t be afraid of the difficulties on your way to success. Just keep on walking and you can manage it.

Passage 5 – By Wang Xin

The book Three Body is written by Liu Cixin, a Chinese science fiction writer.The book has won awards nationwide and internationally like Hugo Award.Three Body is a fiction with an international reputation.

The book mainly talks about a story between us human being and Three Body, another civilization of the universe.They find us and want to destroy us to get our room as their living condition is very very bad – they have three suns! But at last, we humans win and live in the space.

I think Three Body is the best science fiction I have ever read. The writer gives a vivid account of the dark nature of the universe and the knowledge of physics that still does not exist.

Passage 6 – By TONY


The book THE STORIED LIFE OF A.J.FIKRY, means “A Book Store on an Island” in Chinese. The author of the book is Gabrielle Zevin, born in 1977. She is a writer who is very young and is deep in love with reading and writing.

The book is, in fact, a novel. AJ is the hero in the story. He is in his middle age and lives on an island, running a bookstore. The bookstore on the island is a wooden house of Victorian style, with a porch which reads “None is a lonely island, every book is a world”…

But he is never a lucky dog. A lot of unfortunate things happen to him. His wife is killed in a car accident, and his bookstore is in bad business condition, etc. He becomes a lonely island…

When he is about to give up his life, a very cute girl named Maya appears in his life. When Maya meets AJ, she is only two years old. Maya’s coming brightens AJ’s life, smiles come back to AJ’s face. With the help of Maya and many other friends on the island, AJ walks out of the terrible situation in his life.

There is one sentence which touches me much in this book. “Everyone has one hardest year in their life, making their life beautiful and vast.” We all know it is a cruel world. Life is always full of challenges. In spite of that, we should believe that the future is great and everything is going to be okay!